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A stream of words from Henrik Fohns

The Makerbot


My visit to NYCresistor – a hackerspace in Brooklyn.

Lawrence Lessig stops blogging

Announcing the hibernation of lessig.org/blog (from the blogs-deserve-a-sabbatical-too department) (Lessig Blog)


Test of 3gs video

SPAMSONGS – the manifesto

1. Lyrics made by spam
2. Everybody can make a spamsong
3. No instruments needed, but allowed
4. Remixes and interpretations are encouraged
5. Release under a Creative Commons License
6. All songs will be shared with the spamsongs community
7. You are free to commercialise your contributions




Testing iphone app

Test test

Don't mess with this lady!

You might wonder who the new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is? Well, she is tougher than most male business leaders. The Economist has an ecxellent portrait.

One tough Yahoo! | The Economist

Do we really still need Moore's law?

Moore’s law doesn’t matter any more since we now favour cheap netbooks with low performance power. At least that’s what the Economist is speculating this week:

Technology in the recession | Less is Moore | The Economist

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