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Podcast Burnstation

BurnstationBurnstation is a free music distribution system.
It lets you navigate through free media contents (only music for the moment),
listen to them and select your favorites to burn a CD for takeaway!
Soon it will have support for videos, texts and even software.
This project is an idea by platoniq.net and the software development started in april 2004 by rama and platoniq, and still goes on..

I met them at Transmediale 06 in Berlin, first weekend of February 2006.

Download MP3, 11.8 mb, duration 9:27.

Channel 4 podcast


“Jon Snow’s Channel 4 Podcast: From Mellow To Mental
Date: Wednesday, March 01 @ 11:56:00
Topic Podcasts

Channel 4 has dipped into the world of podcasting with the launch of a 30-minute report examining the link between cannabis and mental health.

‘From Mellow To Mental is presented by Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow and features interviews with drug users and medical experts on both sides of the debate.

”I’d forgotten how much more intimate people were prepared to be about their personal experiences when they don’t have a camera pointing at them. It was refreshing for me, and an exciting pointer to what we could achieve in radio and podcasting,’ he said.

”This is the first piece of radio I’ve been commissioned to make since 1976.” (Journalism article & Channel 4 podcast).

This article comes from Disinformation

The URL for this story is:

(Via disinfo.com.)

Podcast fra Transmediale

Så er den første podcast fra Transmediale 06 klar. Det er en reportage fra udstillingen. Den er ret rå og ikke særlig sofistikeret i lyden. Optaget på min iPod.

Om små 14 dage følger et par interviews.

All this is in Danish including most of the podcast except from a short interview with a robotmaker.

Download: Reportage fra Transmediale

The network is always stronger than the node

Interview with Adriana Cronin-Lukas, The Big Blog Company, by Henrik Fohns


“The network is always stronger than the node”. This is the way Adriana always finishes her e-mails.

Download mp3 (30mb).

Adriana is a partner at and founder of the Big Blog Company, the first consultancy agency for blogging in the UK. She advices companies in Europe and the United States on how to use blogging, rss and other social media in their communication.

She is also one of the editors of the group-blog Samizdata.net. They call themselfes a “globalist illuminati who seek to infect the entire world with the values of personal liberty”.

And she has her own blog: Mediainfluencer

Oh yes – MondoFunza loves girls with guns!

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