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Morten Lund without arms and legs

Morten Lund is an unsual person. He works in unsual ways. And he communicates in unsual ways.

And the he his a cork stopper. He might look like the drowning man, but he will be back on the surface again before you know it…

The Day I Woke Up Without Arms And Legs. | Morten Lund – It’s all about luck

Check også Harddisken og hør interviews med Morten Lund fra arkivet – blandt andet om godt købmandsskab.

The Fulgurator is really cool

How to make your camera really shoot – in a peaceful way.

The Fulgurator by Julius von Bismarck is a really cool inverted camera that “shoots” pictures onto objects and persons like Obama and Mao.

Check out the work of Julius von Bismarck:

Image Fulgurator

International day of protest against surveillance

Anyone for action?

International day of protest against surveillance Oct 11 – Boing Boing

My psychedelic post-it-notes

Watch me and my psychedelic post-it-notes on Japanese video research site

(scroll down to find “post it”)

Keitai Trail!

Husker du Benjamin? Nu er han død…

Ekstra Bladet – Husker du Benjamin

The New Joost

Screenshots And Video Of The New Joost

Big winn for Creative Commons

Big legal win for free licenses – Joi Ito’s Web

Russian hacker attack on Google?

Is this why Gmail is down? Russian hacker attack because Georgians are using Google’s blogspot to avoid a cyber attack from Russia?

Estonia, Google Help Cyberlocked Georgia | Danger Room from Wired.com

Server Error

Scary isn’t it?

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