Bruce Schneier on the panel about privacy and security in the network age.

All we do today creates data. The creation and the storage of data is getting cheaper and cheaper. This means that we save data that we would normally throw away. Now they are saved, because they are cheap to save.

The result is what Schneier calls “wholesale suveillance”. It’s no longer “follow that car” – it’s “follow every car!”

Moore’s law is really good for intrusive tools. They become smaller and cheaper and ubiquitous.

The surveillance and the collected data go into the background and you will get used to be recognized – everywhere.

In 10 – 15 years we won’t need an id-card, because “we” know, who you are. And even if you have a life recorder documenting your every move all through your life on audio and video – it only takes 900 gb.

Every conversation will be saved and be public available.

“The whole world becomes like an airport security area. But I don’t not wanna know, who the guy next to me on the plane is. I just don’t want him to blow up the plane. And if he does blow up the plane – I still don’t care who he is….”

Often you get the question: “How much privacy will you give up for security?” That’s rubbish! It is not security versus privacy – it’s liberty versus control. That’s the fight.