It is as if it was yesterday…… One of my favorite sites during a decade. Congratulations!

Disinformation’s 10th Anniversary: Find The Others: “Disinformation is 10 years old today! Richard Metzger & Gary Baddeley launched the site on 13 September 1996, and you can trace its angular evolution via The Wayback Machine and our vast archives. Over the past decade we’ve collaborated with Dionysian individuals: new renaissance exponents like Douglas Rushkoff, Mark Pesce and RU Sirius; writers like Russ Kick, Nick Mamatas, Preston Peet, Jason Louv, Roy Christopher, Dave Walsh, and Sara Aronson; new paradigm scientists including Howard Bloom and Peter Russell; visionary artists such as Joe Coleman, Paul Laffoley and Grant Morrison; and aesthetic terrorists from Kembra Pfahler to Genesis P-Orridge. Thanks to these iconoclasts and to many others for a decade of wyrdness. Find The Others!”

(Via Disinformation.)