Monochrom’s wonderful tribute to the overhead projector, a media platform that is sadly passing away… Please download this song as an MP3: MP3 (5:25) This is the disco version.



(which had been a popular school broadcasting technique back in the old days)
monochrom in cooperation with Hangl and Kertal

Farewell To Overhead

When I was a little boy going to school
Everbody had this thing in use
It told us about history
It told us of democracy
It told us about how this world would be

Mostly you were stored aside
You stood there dreamingly and sighed
You did not even look too good
But everything was understood
Your apparatusness did shine
You waited humble and offline
But then they switched you on and went
On to some things to understand

and foreign places
Penis and vagina,
USA and Canada
Overhead was where it all was at

You really drove us mad
You weren’t all that bad
On the walls we read
What they wanted to teach
What they wanted to preach
It’s over

Now you are dead media
Looked up on wikipedia
Not even the collector’s scene does care
But in this world of powerpoint
I miss you still my de”